Beef (BF121, BF122, BF123)

The 4-H Beef project is designed to introduce our youth to raising, grooming, showing and selling market animals.  Nutrition and growth will be introduced.  There will be training on grooming for shows and showmanship.  As the youth progress through the program, more will be discussed regarding the beef industry and how they can play a part in it.

Project leader: Terry Montague – (573) 228-2223

Cat Care – (CA177, CA178, CA179)

The Cats Project helps you explore how a cat can fit into your family’s lifestyle and how to be an excellent caretaker of your feline friend. You’ll learn about nutritional aspects of a cat’s diet, health needs, responsibility and ownership.

 Cat Care 1 focuses on Identifying different cat breeds and parts of the cat, how to care such as grooming, feeding, safety and healthcare. 

Cat Care 2 teaches cat origins, breeds and characteristics. Learning how to select a cat or kitten, emergencies and first aid for your feline. 

Cat Care 3 study the anatomy and behavior of your cat and learn how to tend to Pregnant cats and young kittens. 

Project Leader: Jessica  Estrada – (573) 253-1366

Poultry – (PO151, PO152, PO153)

The Poultry project helps you to identify poultry parts, species and breeds, selections, exploring an egg, cooking an egg, feeding, handling, washing and showing aew activities included in the 4-H poultry project.

Poultry 1 Selecting the right birds and learning about poultry products and production and overall care.

Poultry 2 covers details of poultry disease prevention, judging of poultry, fair readiness. 

Poultry 3 Meat science and food safety in poultry, the raising and genetics.

Project Leader: Jessica  Estrada – (573) 253-1366

Sheep – (SH161, SH162, SH163)

You will learn how to select sheep and take care of them. Nutrition, grooming, showing and marketing will also be included in the project.

Project Leaders: Elaine George – (573) 881-0941