Club Leaders

Meet your new 2022-2023 officers of the Hallsville Go-Getters 4-H Club

President—————————— Ethan Estrada

1st Vice President——————— Clayton Wilson

2nd Vice President——————– Caitlyn Walker

3rd Vice President——————– Jenna Keffer

Corresponding Secretary———— Maci James

Recording Secretary—————– Payton Clark

Treasurer—————————– Tatem Nichols

Photographers———————– Jude Estrada, Breslee Nichols, Ethan Smith

Congratulations! You have been elected to lead Hallsville 4-H Club! This comes with great responsibilities to not only represent your club, but also your county and the entire 4-H Youth Development program in Missouri. Every successful 4-H club has a good team of officers. A good officer displays teamwork and cooperation among members through leadership and organization. Each officer is a piece of the puzzle and has an important role to play for the overall success of the club. Our club is unique and we want to make 4-H fun and educational, meetings should include a balance between group decisions (business), program or activity (education and special activities), and group building (recreational and social). These components do not have to be sequential but can intertwine throughout the club meetings. The club’s yearly plan should be a balanced blend of recreation, education and business. As the Hallsville 4-H team you will make sure our meetings include business, education and special activities and recreational and social so our members will have a memorable experience and love 4-H.