Sorry for the short notice!

Here is a blank drawing of our floats-your-boat large boat. To all of our 4-H members, please draw in a design and color scheme and bring it to the next meeting where we will select one. Details are listed in the box below!

Thanks Mr. George

SMQA Training – March 5th, 6 pm @ Jefferson Farm. Elizabeth is looking for volunteers to help with stations, please let her know if interested. To show livestock (not horses). It is required to take twice by age 13 and 1 more time after age 14. If you are unsure if your child needs to take it. Please click on the link and see if your child is listed.

We need a family to help me with concessions at the LeMone  Building this Saturday morning, February 24 from 8am to 11 am. Please contact Elaine and let her know that you can help.

Information from the county

  1. A gentle reminder that there needs to be at least 2 approved volunteers present at each 4-H activity and/or event. Being an approved volunteer has a great benefit of being covered on the accident insurance and being able to acknowledge contribution towards Boone County 4-H.
  2. The Mo Dept of Ag put out a press release yesterday – they have made changes to Exhibition Requirements. I have shared their Facebook post on the MO 4-H Facebook page. Please share to your members, this is a link to their post: Here is a link to the press release, please send to whomever wants to see it: 
  3. Boone County Horse Show Dates are as follows:
    1. 5/18 – Ashland
    2. 6/15 – Hallsville
    3. 6/29 – Sturgeon
    4. Boone County Fair Horse Show JULY 13 – Ashland
  4. 4-H Counselor Applications due February 9th. Please send them via email if not turned in yet. Counselor Training Feb. 17th 9 am – 3 pm @ Eldon Nazarene Church. 
  1. Shooting Sports Training Opportunity: If you have Shooting Sports members who need to take the 740-safety class, they can take it in Monroe County: March 1 6-9 pm, and March 2nd 9 am to noon. At the County Office in the basement. Please make sure the member signs in and indicates they are from Boone County, so the leaders there know to let James Walls know the member attended both sessions.
  2. SMQA Training – March 5th, 6 pm @ Jefferson Farm. I am looking for volunteers to help with stations, please let me know if you have anyone interested as I think will. Marilyn provided a list who those who need training, please refer to that and let members know. 
  3. The Boone County Fair board has posted the Youth Arts Committee rules, please check out their website and Sarah Nolke know if you have any questions. 
  4. Please pass on these flyers for the first beef cow camp (attached). This event will be limited to the first 40 to sign up and only ages 12-18. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. $50 per registration. 
  5. As of November 9, 2022, we – State 4-H – began requiring motor vehicle checks (MVR) for any volunteer who transports youth on behalf of the 4-H program. This process aligns with the University System and protection policies for youth.  The attached document provides you with additional information and scenarios. The key takeaway is: if 4-H personnel or a 4-H volunteer in a leadership position asks an adult to transport youth – that adult needs to be 1) an approved 4-H volunteer and 2) have a completed MVR.  The MVR will be processed through Sterling. Cost and Responsibility of an MVR: The starting cost of the MVR is $10.80. Depending on the individual’s residency history, additional fees may exist if the individual resided in different court districts or recently lived out of state. Whoever is asking for or coordinating the transportation is responsible for the cost of the MVR. State-wide programs such as the Global Exchange program will cover the cost at the state level. The region is responsible for the cost of regional events. The county is responsible for fees at the county and club levels. I will attach the document above. 
  6. Army Ants robotics team is working hard on their robot and getting ready to travel to a competition in Arkansas in early March. Best of luck!
  7. Centralia’s community service project for the month of February was to make Valentines such as cards and cuties as they delivered them to three nursing homes. Thanks for being awesome!
  8. Please be on the lookout for the families update as well. 

Goat Activities

Good afternoon everyone!  Just a reminder from Sherry Poeppe below are the upcoming goat activities.  For more details please contact Sherry at 660-263-4118.  Must RSVP.

March 3rd – Kidding Clinic – 1 pm

March 17th – Goat milk caramel – 1 pm & 3 pm

April 14th – Goat Showmanship – time and location TBD

April – Goat Cheese making – time, date and location TBD

The Joint Float and Float your Boat committee Meeting for today January 21st at 2:00 has been canceled due to the weather. It is rescheduled for next Sunday January 21st at 2:00 pm. Sorry for the short notice.

Here is the link to the map for the caroling route.

Hallsville 4-H will be out Caroling tonight from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. The caroling route will start at the Bob LeMone building and end there.

Caroling Map:

Event: Hallsville 4-H trash pick up.

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Time: 9 am

Location: Hallsville Fairgrounds- 4-H concession stand, building down by arena

Dress according to weather – bring gloves

This is a great community service for our club🍀

The link to the end of the year forms.  These forms are due 10/6/2023

Award Forms, Project Record Forms, Specialty Awards Forms and other Recognition Night documents are on the 4-H Google Drive in 2023 folder.  Here is the link:  Please share this with all of your members and encourage them to complete the forms. These forms are all due by 10/6/2023. If you have any questions, please let us know

Reminder 2023 4-H / FFA Youth Arts Project Check In: Thursday June 15, 2023, from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Taco Bar: Thursday June 15, 2023, 5:00 PM

Youth Arts judging:  Thursday June 15, 2023, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

Project Pick Up:  Saturday June 17, 2023, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.     All projects must remain in the youth arts building until pick up.

The Hallsville 4-H/FFA Youth fair meeting for February 23rd has been cancelled.

4-H Spring Workshops

 I am pleased to announce that the registration for both spring workshops is now open in 4-HOnline!

Spring Leader Certification Workshop

Dates: March 31 – April 2

Location: Camp Allen – Greenville, MO

Cost: $125

Hunting & Outdoor Skills and Western Heritage Certification

Dates: April 21-23

Location: Marshall, MO

Cost: $50

Registration will end March 15 for the first workshop, and April 1 for the second workshop. I have attached a graphic that I will be posting to the Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports page; you are also free to use this graphic. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sarah C. Townley / State 4-H Natural Resources & Shooting Sports Educator

(573) 882-9359 | [email protected]

State 4-H Council Regional Representative & Missouri 4-H Ambassador

Just a reminder that State 4-H Council Regional Representative & Missouri 4-H Ambassador Applications are due electronically to [email protected] by January 27th and interviews will be held in February.

Links: 4-H State Council Resources & 4-H Ambassador Resources

SMQA Training Opportunities

Hello Boone Co. Club Leaders,

I told everyone wrong last night, I got with some of my colleges and was told that SMQA is offered online this year. Although, we do highly encourage everyone to attend the SMQA training in person. If you cannot make it or attend the in-person training, there will be a way that you can take it online and I will be looking into finding the link to do so.

SMQA Training Opportunities:

NE Regional Energizer: February 25, 2023 at the Cornerstone Church in Kirksville, MO @9:00am-3:00pm

Boone County SMQA Workshop: March 2, 2023 at Jefferson Farm & Garden @6:00pm.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Allison Rieke – Youth Program Associate

[email protected]

Camp Clover Point Counselor Training: February 18, 2023

If you are 14 & over and would like to become a 2023 camp counselor, please fill out the application attached and send it back to me by Friday, February 3st, 2023.

Camp Clover Point Counselor Training: February 18, 2023 in Eldon, Location: TBD

Counselor Camp: June 9-10, 2023 at Camp Clover Point (Kaiser, MO)

If you have any questions, please let me know. Allison Rieke – Youth Program Associate II

573-445-9792 – [email protected]

Leadership Positions- info and applications

Good Afternoon Boone County 4-H,

Missouri 4-H is Looking for Leaders

It is time to start thinking about your leadership role in Missouri 4-H for the 2023-2024. Check out the opportunities below and consider where your 4-H journey might take you in the next few years.

State 4-H Council Executive Officers

  • The State 4-H Council consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an Outreach Coordinator who lead 4-H on the state level. Any 4-H member ages 14-18 as of December 31st may apply.
  • Applications due to the State 4-H Office by USPS or may be submitted electronically to [email protected] by January 15, 2023. Applications and Reference Forms may be found at 4-H State Council Resources.

State 4-H Council Regional Representatives

  • Regional representatives are the voice of 4-H members from your region on the State 4-H Council. Any 4-H member ages 14-17 as of December 31st may apply to be a candidate for Regional Representative.
  • Applications and letters of interest will be due electronically to [email protected] by January 27th and interviews will be held in February. Selected candidate and alternate representative must attend State Congress. Applications and Reference Forms may be found at 4-H State Council Resources.

Missouri 4-H Ambassador

  • Missouri 4-H Ambassadors are growing leaders ages 14-18, who serve our state by representing Missouri 4-H throughout the year at county, regional, and state events. The goal of this leadership role is to give you the opportunities to build skills required for elevated leadership positions like the State 4-H Council and future career paths.
  • Applications and reference forms are due to [email protected] by January 27th and interviews will be held in February. Up to four ambassadors will be selected per region. Applications and reference forms may be found at 4-H Ambassador Resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you,

Allison Rieke – Youth Program Associate II

573-445-9792 – [email protected]

State Hunting Skills Team

Subject: RE: State Hunting Skills Team

This is the team that will be representing Missouri at the National 4-H Shooting Sports contest June 25-30 in Grand Island, NE. It is made up of 4 youth ages 14-18 (4-H age).

The contest consists of a knowledge test, wildlife ID, compass course, 3-D archery contest, .22 rifle contest (kill zones), and a sporting clays shoot. The shooting components are much smaller than their full scale counterparts (ex: I believe the sporting clays is about 15 targets as opposed to 100 that a shotgun competition would have. Not sure exactly on those numbers, but the shooting contests are small scale).

In a nutshell, the commitments include making team practices (I believe once monthly? But that is up to the coach, so I can’t say for sure), selling assigned FNRA calendars, and sending thank you cards to donors after the contest is over.

From: Townley, Sarah <[email protected]>

We had no turnout at our hunting and outdoor skills state team tryout this morning; coach Bill Athey has requested that I put the word out to have youth interested in trying out for the team contact me and I will put them in touch with Bill. Youth just need to be age 14 by December 31, 2022 and enrolled in the hunting and outdoor skills project by that December 31 date.

Missouri has consistently come out on top in Hunting and Outdoor Skills at the national level…let’s try to get this team filled!


Sarah – [email protected]

Help is still needed for Burge & Fry night

Remember Burger & Fry Night replaces our monthly meeting in November with our burger & fry night. It is Monday, November 7th. Several people have already signed but we need more help. 

This is one of our fundraisers and it is a big undertaking and we need everyone’s help for it to work.  All the work shifts for the night of the event are completely full so this is where you can help. I can’t do this alone.


ADULTS  FOR GRILLING AND COOKING FRENCH FRIES. These shifts start at 3:30 or as soon as you can get there until we are done. To fry French fries we need 4 more adults. Grilling we need 2 more adults. 

KITCHEN & DINING ROOM. Clean up after burger & fry night We need at least 2 adults to help with washing up the dishes, We need 2 adult plus a couple of kids to wipe off the tables and put them away
Adult to supervise putting chairs away on the correct chair carts. 
Adult to supervise the kids to take out the trash.
Adult to sweep the floor and mop the dining room and kitchen.

CLEAN UP IN THE BACK OF THE LEMONE BUILDING. Everything in the back of the LeMone Building must be put away after we close burger & fry night except the grills and fryers. Tables need to be wiped off and put back on racks. All supplies left need to go outside the kitchen under the kitchen window area. All food and dirty dishes go to the kitchen. The orange cone and other devices used for traffic control will be stacked by the west garage door. All trash must be taken to the dumpster and new liners put in trash cans. There could be other things that need to be done but we can handle those when they come up.

CLEAN UP ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 AROUND 5:30 PM. We will clean the grills and empty the fryers and clean them out, return them to the storage building. Clean up the card board the grills and fryers were sitting on, take to the dumpster. Take all supplies back to the 4-H concession stand or the storage building, cones and signs from inside and outside. Sweep and mop the floor where needed. Make sure everything is out of the back of the building, the kitchen and take out the trash and re-bag.

Please plan on helping.

Your “HELP” is Desperately Needed

Our burger & fry night is scheduled for Monday, November 7th. Our club does not own enough fryers to do burger & fry night. We have borrowed in the past but we don’t have access to some of those this year.

 I have located 2 extra fryers that we might be able to borrow but we still need to locate at least 3 more propane commercial fryers to cook our fries. If you know of anyone who might have one we could borrow that would be wonderful. Also, we are in need of someone to check out our fryers to make sure they are working properly and be on standby the night of burger & fry night to handle any breakdowns.

This is a big concern to me because without these two things it will be impossible to have our burger & fry night. Please help!!

Thank you , Elaine

Project Leaders – Scrapbook pages Due at October 3rd, 2022 Meeting

It is that time of year again; the last days of the 2022 4-H year and everyone is filling out reports and working on their award application and the  scrapbook is being put together.
 The scrapbook is entered as a component for the outstanding club of the year. This year will be no exception. We are asking all project leaders to compile 2 pages  (12 x 12) for the scrapbook. This needs to be done by the October 3rd meeting. Bring your pages to the October 3rd meeting and give to Elaine or Tara the scrapbooking leader. If we don’t have your pages that evening your project will not be included in the scrapbook. We are on a time frame so please help us out by getting your pages turned in on October 3rd.

4-H Recognition Night Award Applications 2022

Please see attached Document (4-H Recognition Night Award Application Flyer.pdf).

Within the attachment you will find all of the 2022 award descriptions. Please, find award applications that you qualify for and apply. All applications will be due back to the Boone County Extension Office by October 12, 2022.

Applicants must turn in their award applications IN PERSON(Submit 1 report in a two-pocket folder with fasteners in person to the Boone County Extension Office). You can apply for multiple awards; they will just need to be submitted each in a separate two-pocket folder with fasteners.

You may NOT turn in your applications via email or mail. (In person only).

Steps to apply:

  1. Find Awards that you qualify for within attached PDF
  2. Click on the 4-H Clover at the top of the first page (in the PDF)
  3. Click on the 2022 folder (Boone County Google Drive)
  4. Apply
  5. Submit applications in person to the Boone County Extension office by October 12, 2022

Note: Club secretary books, treasurer books, and scrapbooks will also be due October 12th, 2022.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Allison Rieke, Youth Program Associate II, Boone County Extension: 573-445-9792 – [email protected]

Hallsville Go-Getters 4-H Meeting for New Families Interested in Joining 4-H

Date: September 13, 2022

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Hallsville Fairgrounds – LeMone Building

Any new families interested in joining the Hallsville 4-H Club plan on attending this meeting. Kids must be between the ages of 8-18 on December 31 of the current year.

Project leaders if you want to come to this meeting and answer questions new families might have, that would be great.

Purpose of meeting: Informing new families about the Hallsville 4-H Club; how it operates, what is expected of families and to answer any questions parents may have.

Contact Elaine @573-881-0941 or [email protected] for questions.

4 Horse Stalls for Rent to 4-H Members

I have a 4 stall horse barn that I would like to rent out stalls. I wondered if anybody with 4-h projects with a horse, goat or cow might need to rent a place to keep them?

Jason Robbins-Steel Tek Unlimited: Cell: 573-228-2208