Art/Craft/Hobbies Page

Arts & Crafts (AC311)

In this project class you will have hands on activities such as cutting, gluing, drawing, printing, and much more. You’ll explore your creative side and have a chance to discover a hobby you might enjoy the rest of your life.

You’ll experience all levels of crafting activates and build an artistic foundation while having fun at the same time.

Project Leader: Pam Black (573) 253-9093


Film making is a project new to the Hallsville Go-Getters 4-H club. It includes the steps in creating a short film that can be entered into a competition with other 4-H members from around the area. Somethings that will be covered in this project are Plot development, script writing, story boards, casting, video shooting, audio & sound effects, final editing, and legal issues such as copy rights.

Project Leader: George Donovan (703) 627-2720

Geology (GG941)

Distinguish the differences in Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks. Learn of Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Fossils. Attend shows, Explore Geological locations and study their history and formation, collect specimens, develop a collection or expand it and have the opportunity to show it off at the fair. 

Project Leader: Jessica Estrada – (573) 253-1366

Photography – (PH351, PH352, PH353)

The objective of the 4-H Photography Project is to spark an interest in the wonderful and creative world of photography within our young people. They will learn the basic operation and care of their camera, as well as essential camera operation and photo composition techniques. This project also includes other areas such as lighting and photo editing. The project members also strive to get their photos published in the annual Boone Electric calendar, which many in past classes have successfully achieved.

Project Leader: George Donovan (703) 627-2720

Quilting – (QU341, QU342, QU343)

In this project you will explore the art of quilting and make a memory you can pass down for a lifetime.

  • Beginners will explore ideas and designs of quilts with squares and rectangles. 
  • Make designs using basic techniques- half squares, quarter squares and more. 
  • You learn how to use the machines, use threads, etc. 

Project Leader: Pam Black (573) 253-9093

Sewing (CL 521, CL 522, CL 523)

(CL 521)  We will learn about the different parts of a sewing machine and how they work.  We will make small projects using different types of material.  We will also practice hand sewing.

(CL 522)  We will learn how to install a zipper, make a clothing item, and learn how to make something out of other items such as old shirts.

(CL 523)  We will learn how to  make button holes, make a toy or stuffed animal, and work on a larger sewing project such curtains and learn how to make our own patterns.

Project Leader: Wendy Sallee – (573) 289-1095