Electric (EL831, EL832, EL833)

The 4-H Electricity project will be an introduction to circuits and how electricity works.  The meetings will be very hands-on and include making different kinds of circuits and using different materials to determine what will conduct electricity and what doesn’t.  Electrical safety will be a main topic of focus. Meetings will be monthly.

Project Leader: Terry Montague – (573) 228-2223

Entrepreneurship – (EP442, EP443, EP444)

Start earning money doing what you love! Find business opportunities in 4-H and your community. Come up with ideas and solutions for solving problems. Create a startup plan for turning an idea into reality. 

Entrepreneurship 1, Become a business investigator. Learn what entrepreneurs do and find innovators around you. Explore what it takes to be a successful business person. Use your talents and resources to create a product or service.

Entrepreneurship 2, Take your business to the next level. Learn skills and turn them into a profitable business while gaining leadership, communication, math and life skills. 

Entrepreneurship 3, Manage money and create a budget to determine profit, learn financial skills and habits that you can use throughout your lifetime and how entrepreneurship could be a potential career option.

Project Leader: Jessica Estrada – (573) 253-1366

Financial Literacy ( FL 421, FL 422)

Grades 5-8 (FL 421) You will learn about the different ways to earn money, how to set spending and earning goals, how to track expenses, how to make wise money decisions, savings accounts.  We will discuss the pros and cons of borrowing money, we will learn how to write a check and record them in a check register. And talk about the best   places to keep your money.

Grades 9-12  (FL 422) You will learn about sources of Personal Income, explore career options, learn factors that affect take home pay,  setting smart goals, systems for financial records, developing spending and savings plans, using a checking and savings account and different spending methods, budgeting, valuating investment alternatives, consumer skills and purchasing decisions and debt management. 

Project Leader: Wendy Sallee – (573) 289-1095


The Hallsville 4-H welding project covers the following subjects and skill sets as relate to the welding industry.

  • Our focus will be on SMAW (stick) and GMAW (mig) processes, and proper safety of all equipment necessary for the welding and fabricating process.
  • First project will be steel prep and padding of beads on a plate. This will get everyone more comfortable with the processes.
  • Attendees will have to read a tape measure accurately, layout materials for the project, cut and prep the materials to be welded, and finally weld up their metal projects. And paint or patina there finished project.

Projects will be picked by the attendees with guidance from the project leader based on their skill level.

Project Leader: Dusty Dudek (319) 930-1900

Woodworking – (WO871, WO872, WO873)

Woodworking 1 learn the rules and safety of woodworking. Work with non power tools and create a project to show off at the fair. 

Woodworking 2 expand your creativity and skills while learning and working with simple power tools and receiving one on one guidance. 

Woodworking 3 use your gained skills and knowledge, build more challenging projects and continue to learn the keys to woodworking. 

Project Leaders: Jessica Estrada – (573) 253-1366 Jeremy Donovan – 573 (818-4211)