The Hallsville Go Getters 4-H club does different committee events throughout the year.  Each family needs to serve on at least one committee.

2023-2024 Hallsville Go Getters 4-H Club Committee List

National 4-H Week (October, 2022)

Present ways to club for them to promote National 4-H Week. Examples: hang up posters about 4-H in Hallsville businesses, wear 4-H shirts to school, send articles and pictures to newspapers and etc.

The Promotion, Recruitment and Communications Committee

Committee Chairs: George Donovan & Tammy Keffer

This committee is responsible for coming up with recruitment ideas and events to let area youth know about the learning opportunities our 4-H Club offers. This would involve forming a working relationship with area schools and businesses as well as other 4-H clubs for the promotion of the 4-H program. This committee would also be responsible for club communications. This would include input on the design, maintenance, and promotion of the Club’s website. It would also include the Facebook page and input into the monthly Go-Getter newsletter

Social Committee

Organize social events for the club in October 2023, February 2024 and August 2024. Present to club to vote and see if they want to have the event.

Committee Chair: Jessica  Estrada

Fund Raising Committee

All fundraising ideas must be presented to the club for a vote. Committee organizes fundraiser and explains to members how they will help with the fundraisers if the club approves. Burger & Fry Night in November and May.

Concession Committee

4-H is in charge of the concession stand during our youth fair in June 2024. This committee will be responsible for getting workers and calling the workers before the event to inform them of the day and time they are scheduled to work. Parents and members both work in the concession stand. We also serve concessions for George Auction Service sales.

Committee Chair: Wendy Sallee

Community Service Committee

Bring community services ideas to club for a vote. Committee will organize community service events and let members know how they can help.

Committee Chair: Amy Hempen

Float Your Boat Committee

Float Your Boat competition raises money for the food bank. Float Your Boat is mid-Missouri’s original cardboard boat regatta and The Food Bank’s premier spring fundraising event. Teams race one-of-a-kind cardboard boats across Bass Pro Shops Lake while attendees cheer them on as they sail – or sink – toward prizes. Float Your Boat is a popular family friendly event.

Committee Chair: George Donovan & Nicole Muirhead

Christmas House Decorating Committee

In December, the committee gathers to select the top 3 winners of the best decorated houses in the Hallsville Area.

Christmas Gifts Committee

In November get names of families in need and their Christmas wish lists. Families should be in Hallsville area. Purchase Items and distribute to these families before Christmas.

Committee Chair: Honey Wehmeyer

Christmas Food Baskets Committee

Purchase food, make baskets and distribute to needy families and to the elderly in our community for Christmas.

Santa Breakfast Committee

Committee Chair: Wendy Sallee

Each December the Hallsville Go-Getters 4-H Club Santa Breakfast Committee host a FREE Community Breakfast that includes Holiday Activities, Breakfast and Pictures with Santa.

Hallsville Funfest

Committee Chairs: Elaine George, Pam Black, Scott Black, Melissa Adkins

Committee members gather to plan and organize the Hallsville Funfest that will be held on June 13-15, 2024.

Scrapbook Committee

This committee will put together the club scrapbook and submit the book at the end of the year for judging.

Boone County 4-H Recognition Committee