During the winter we will learn how to make bird feeders from items you have in the house and seed bombs, learn about what soil mixes work well, and get plants started for Spring gardening.

 In the spring, we will learn about and try different ways to garden.  Such as square foot gardens for smaller spaces, container gardening and traditional gardening. 

Project Leader: Wendy Sallee – (573) 289-1095

Meats-Country Cured Ham – (ME115)

Ham Curing project is a project for preserving meat without refrigeration. We will cure hams in December in a salt sugar cure mixture and hang in a well-ventilated area. It hangs until April or first part of May. You will take the ham down and take off the cure and make sure it did not spoil over the winter. You will rewrap and rehang. It will hang until June when you will take it down and clean, trim and get ready for the fair.

Project Leaders: Ray & Elaine George – (573) 881-0941